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El Rastro

bean bags

bean bags I went to the El Rastro, the weekly flea market and walked around a bit. Here’s what I saw.

El Rastro Madrid Spain Vendors set up tables and racks all along this tree-lined street in addition to a couple surrounding ones. I wasn’t going for the shopping, but there were a few thousand roaming among the hundreds of tents.

newspaper man costume What!? He’s reading a newspa-what? Newspaper?  Is that one of those things that come from trees and have yesterday’s news? How’d he find one of those? That’s definitely worthy of tossing a few coins in his cup.

Flags hang from a tent at El Rastro, May 6, 2012, in Madrid.

The following frames are from various outings from previous weeks, not El Rastro.

A bird goes in to grab a piece of food Madrid I was taking a break in front of the Prado museum during a walk and noticed some pretty tame, hungry birds hopping around. I set up my camera with a MF 55mm f/3.5 macro lens and attached a cable release. While on continuous high speed, I lined my hand up with where I had the focus set. Once one of my feathered friends slipped into the sliver of in-focus area and came in to grab the food from my fingers, I hammered down on the release. This is the result.

Customers walk in Alcampo in Madrid Snap from my grocery store, Alcampo, in Madrid.

Comillas Pontifical University clock tower This is Comillas Pontifical University’s most recognized architectural feature. It’s equivalent to UD’s Immaculate Conception Chapel.